Our People

Fern Ridge invests in people. Creating opportunities for our clients means our export managers create partnerships that last.

When working with Fern Ridge you work with people who are enthusiastic, driven, excited and motivated by the global food trade business. People who want to share their knowledge to benefit your business.

If issues arise, we are here, no matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are in the supply chain.

Sam Newbigin

Sam has been involved in the Meat industry since 1982. He co-founded Fern Ridge in 1995.

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Nick Dorward

Nick started with Fern Ridge as a graduate in 2002 and has been a valued Export Manager ever since.

Markets: USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Sweden

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Matthew Lee

Matthew has been involved in the meat industry since 1995, both in production and marketing roles.

Markets: South East Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Africa, Middle East, Micronesia

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Sam Harvey

Sam joined Fern Ridge in 2015 having worked in meat plants for 6 seasons while at school and University.

Markets: New Zealand, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Pacific Islands,

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Ryan O’Sullivan

Ryan joined Fern Ridge in September 2018 after 3 years selling meat in Australia.

Markets: Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean

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Wanlop Paunovic

Wanlop returned to New Zealand in 2017 having spent the previous 10 years managing his own business in Croatia and Montenegro supplying super yachts and five star hotels with food products.

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Gregory Somervell

Greg has extensive production and sales experience in New Zealand and Chile.

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Damian Hepburn

Damian comes from an extensive cool storage and documentation background.

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Cecilia Martin

Cecilia is originally from Argentina but lived in France and various other countries for a number of years before arriving in New Zealand. She has a background in logistics.

Additional languages: Spanish, French

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Pedro Bezanilla Corte

Pedro joined Fern Ridge in 2019 as a trainee. Pedro is from Chile and came to New Zealand as a 14 year old to attend Southland Boys High School and advance his rugby skills.

Markets: Spain, Italy, New Zealand

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Lara Beckett

Lara has been involved in the Shipping, Logistics and Meat Industry since 2000. She brought her diverse knowledge to Fern Ridge in 2014.

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Karen Waldin

Karen started with Fern Ridge in 2013.

Talk to Karen about supplier payments.

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Adrienne Campbell

Adrienne started with Fern Ridge in 2022.

Talk to Adrienne about supplier payments.

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