New Zealand Littleneck Clams




A Taste of the Sea

New Zealand Littleneck Clams (Austrovenus stutchburyi) also known as New Zealand cockles are unique to New Zealand and are easily recognised by their distinctive coloured shells which can be white, green or brown to grey. The frozen NZ Littlenecks Clams are heat-treated in their own natural juices then snap frozen, ensuring their succulent flavour is captured for you to enjoy. Harvesting and processing complies with all USFDA, EU, Australia and New Zealand Food Standards

Available in –

  • Whole shell, IQF: Stand-up Pouch (Retail Printed or Plain) 1 kg and 2kg.

  • Clam size range –
    20/30 count per kg (9 /12 per lb)
    30/50 count per kg (13/23 per lb)
    Natural Shellfish. No Additives.

Export managers

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Nick Dorward

Nick started with Fern Ridge as a graduate in 2002 and has been a valued Export Manager ever since.

Markets: USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Sweden

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Matthew Lee

Matthew has been involved in the meat industry since 1995, both in production and marketing roles.

Markets: South East Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Africa, Middle East, Micronesia

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Sam Harvey

Sam joined Fern Ridge in 2015 having worked in meat plants for 6 seasons while at school and University.

Markets: New Zealand, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Pacific Islands,

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Ryan O’Sullivan

Ryan joined Fern Ridge in September 2018 after 3 years selling meat in Australia.

Markets: Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean

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